Working as a chef in private households across the globe for ten years, I became acutely aware of the frustrations that people face in their everyday lives. Sometimes the theory is easy, the implementation is hard and then trying to sustain it - impossible.  

Positively influencing and guiding clients in making truly sustainable adjustments towards a healthier lifestyle is my main goal. I create entirely bespoke holistic health programmes and home solutions, based on the foundations of gut health theories to enthuse and inspire.

New scientific findings are being published weekly, its a very exciting time for Gut Health.  Through my work with private clients and my website Gutsy, I am constantly immersed in all things gut health related to continually widen my own knowledge of its therapeutic benefits and stress the importance of good gut health to our overall wellbeing.

From the latest science, articles, books and products, this subject is my greatest pleasure. I love to share my knowledge, recipes and advice on gut loving whole foods that support and feed a healthy gut, as well as how to introduce them into your daily staples and also share my knowledge through speaking at events.